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  1. Where's BigDog?"@benkane:Guys.GUYS.Why is nobody stopping Boston Dynamics?We will regret idly watching YouTube video"
  2. The Guide to Implementing 2D Platformers

    Excellent stuff. Very imformative. Now I hope you do one on 2.5D (old-schoool) isometric games :)
  3. Made some extremely tasty banana cake Eating it while its still warm, before I start work. I may lose some fingers.
  4. @SeraPath and @Josh Vega: The MonoGame team is working with Xamarin, to have their assemblies white listed, so they can be used with the Free version. No ETA yet, but it is coming.   @dechorus, I would suggest posting any questions you have in the discussion forums.   D.
  5. OH : Man - "We are out of bacon" Woman - "Yes get some, because a house without bacon is like a garden without flowers!" ?! #BackAwaySlowly