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  1. Hotkey for everything! Push a button to translate/rotate or scale your model/models. Set constrains (only move across the XZ plane, only rotate around the Y axis) to specify how the objects should be transformed. Local space is supported! Say you want to rotate a bunch of treas around their local "up" axes - just set the relevant constraint and watch every tree rotate around their own "up" axis. Numeric input for precise transformation! Scale the model 10 times? Easy - just type in the number. Rotate the model around X axis for 45 degrees? Type "45" - done! 3D cursor that you can position wherever you want! Vertex Snap for translation rotation AND scale! And it works with constrains! AND it works with 3D cursor! And when all the features of the Blender's gizmo are exhausted, there is more: All this works with colliders! Even Vertex Snap! Even for spheres and capsules! A number of useful hotkey-based features like "Hide Unselected (in a smart way)", "Create an empty GameObject, parent selected to it and instantly start renaming it", Camera controls - just like in Blender! And there is still more - check the documentation for details. Asset store link (the plugin costs only $10): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/blender-actions-3x-faster-level-building-tool-111335
  2. I've recently hacked the Unity's Standard shader to be able to alpha-blend my models into the GBuffer, which allows me to have mesh-based deferred decals that can contribute and receive Enlighten GI as static baked models. Where do I use them? On my roads: Here are some detailed screenshots of the roads and buildings (enlarge them the images are huge!):
  3. It's nice to see that people still can't read on the internet, let me just do the legwork for you, here is a quote from the reddit admin's response to my message about the shadowban (a post just 2 screens above yours):
  4. Wow, I've just realized who wrote this post. It's an honor to have you here, Sir. I more than agree than notifications are much more user friendly than shadowbans. Being a terrible person :), I had experienced how GameDev's system works myself and I can say that it is more than friendly and fair. At the same time I can see shadowbans being effective, but like I said, it needs to be controlled: if all the messages that are shadowbanned actually enter a queue and are read by a human at some point, so that a human can cherry pick which messages to show and which to keep hidden and maybe even decide to unban a person once their comment start to be proper, THAT would a fair and useful system. What I encountered was a broken piece of code.
  5. Btw, keep in mind that I was (most likely - guys from the Unity forum suggested this) banned automatically by a bot. Yep. Not a moderator, just a bot algorithm - that's what happened multiple times to another guy on the Unity forum. Basically I would obviously just create a new account and get over it, as I said before, I just wanted to spread the word so that other people don't end up where I ended up. I think this moderating tool is dumb and I think that there are way more humane tools to stop spammers and bots - simple bans and better e-mail checks. reddit does NO e-mail check at all, it does not even ask you to go to your inbox and click the link - you can just create an account using someone else's email - no problem. Moderation is necessary, but there should be a limit as to what is allowed. After what I've learned, I doubt I would ever trust reddit again. I might use reddit with my personal goals in mind, but to use it as a news outlet - no frickin way, those morons delete waaay too much stuff waaay too fast, and as some user said, most of the stuff that gets upvoted is usually a dumb funny phrase or situation.
  6. I am never against any kind of moderation and I admit I made the wrong thing, my sole point is that this kind of punishment is ruthless and inhumane and I wanted to share my experience so that less people will be likely to be turned into idiots like I was.
  7. My twitter post got two likes, I guess false alarm there. Sorry for being unclear in my post, I already understood from all the feedback that I've turned it into a mess. Basically: 1. I cannot be sure when what or why, because that's the whole point of the shadowban. 2. Once I was shadowbanned I got all of my posts and threads wiped out from reddit so that I cannot even find any of my past activities to pinpoint after which post this happened. 3. I do have a message in my inbox from a reddit bot, which I received for a thread, where I posted a link to my game's Steam page's News post, where there was some text and a tone of screenshots. Bot said that my thread was hidden, which seams to mean it was visible before. Bot suggested to post this kind of stuff into a specific reddit thread and said nothing about any kind of ban. I can only guess that that was the moment and the reason why I was banned.
  8. Hmm, I have some serious suspicions about twitter. I've recently posted 4 times about the shadow ban there and the posts just went unnoticed (16-20 views), while my previous posts sometimes had over 1.5k views. I thought that the reason might have been the lack of hashtags, but I've just posted a message with hashtags, logged off and cannot find it when searching for any of the hashtags I wrote. I actually think my messages don't even go to my readers (~300). This thing is frickin alarming.
  9. I've contacted moderators of the subreddit /r/gamedev and they told me that they cannot do anything and told me to contact the general admins. I contacted general admins and I am still waiting for their response. You might have missed, that no matter what the admins response would be in this situation, the damage has already been done. I never said I did nothing wrong - I had around 3 threads that must have violated reddit's rules, but after that I did like 15 to 20 large posts over the course of several days, which most likely had nothing wrong with them as I just answered other people questions. All of those posts are gone and even if they were brought back by admins right now - no one would see them, because that's the nature of reddit. I basically lost several hours of work and feelt myself like a fool. If you think this is me being an "angry user trying to badmouth reddit" that is your way of interpretation I guess.
  10. Just wanted to share a frustrating story. I've made a reddit account several years ago and recently started posting in it. It took me around few weeks to realize that something is off. As I logged off and went into the threads I've posted in, I was surprised to see that none of my messages are presents. NONE, no topics, no comments absolutely nothing. Reddit hid all my stuff and told be absolutely nothing about it. You can try it yourself - Google: cubrman site:reddit.com And no results would return. I lost several threads and around 15 comments until I finally realized what is going on. In case you are wondering here is how my inbox looks like: It shows that I've received a notification where the reddit bot says that they've hidden ONE OF MY THREADS because it thinks it is a link to a screenshot. NOWHERE it says that I was banned, or shadowbanned or anybanned. Yeah "shadowban" that is apparently how it is called in case you did not know, which (as it appears) are supposed to know. At least that was the impression that I got after I created a new account on reddit and posted a thread to understand what is going on: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/7wd00x/reddit_can_silently_hide_all_of_your_messages/ Apparently the reddit community thinks this is normal and calls it "the necessary evil". The purpose of the ban is to prevent people from spamming unworthy comments or threads by isolating them. They will think they are not banned and will not create another account to circumvent the ban. Well I can only say that I felt myself like a complete fool. I wasted a tone of time responding to people only to see all my work gone. I guess I should thank God other communities, like gamedev, do not use such inhumane measures. I've made mistakes before I never said I am a saint, but in most cases I was contacted by moderator, learned something new, re-read the rules and never made mistakes again. Well, I guess reddit thinks that they have a better solution for this problem, even though it makes people feel like morons. The funniest thing is, nothing prevents spammers from learning this system once the hard way and never falling for it again. So yea, be warned, there are tools in place at some sites around internet that are designed to make you feel stupid. Don't let them do that. EDIT: Since I posted my thread here, I can no longer see my thread on reddit, luckly, I made screenshots of it, here they are: By the way, a quick reddit search shows that some other people are concerned that reddit hides stuff silently and it might not be just the stuff from spammers. This one, as I understood, is connected to politics: This one is related to links about crime (wtf?): Fox news report on reddit censorship: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/12/02/social-media-site-reddit-censors-trump-supporters.html I know not the most trustworthy website but here is another article from zero hedge: https://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2014-02-25/reddit-censors-big-story-about-government-manipulation-and-disruption-interne Edit: guys from Unity forums helped me realize I did not actually post the screens, where I was posting with my banned nickname. Here is one of the most hilarious cases (the one where I actually realized that I am silently banned) - I've just wrote a lengthy answer why IMHO Unity is better than UE4 and then one dude just adds an answer after me saying "I would love to know why people pick Unity over Unreal" Edit: guys from Unity forums gave some very useful insight on this problem: https://forum.unity.com/threads/reddit-can-silently-hide-all-of-your-mesages-topics.516820/ And here is the link to a reddit thread about shadow banning: Edit: around 5 days after I contacted moderators they unbanned me. I am not an expert, but it seams that they believe I was shadowbanned by accident:
  11. I see now, well I just hope I will never end in a situation where I need to build lots of my own materials, cuz it seams like a nightmare time-wise .
  12. I am quite honored to have The Legendary Hodgman in my humble thread. Welcome, Sir. Can't quite understand this part. What I said before is I have a ground that consists of modular pavement pieces and I place my buildings positioned on top of them in the Unity editor. I can never predict where my building ends relative to the pavement and I want it this way so that I can build my level out of pieces rather than chunks. You sentence cannot be more contradictory . It's the Substance Painter that is closer to Photoshop than ever rather than Substance Designer. I worked in both and actually thought that I would always need Substance Designer to build materials for my models but my overall conclusion is that Substance Painter is more comfortable to use and has a better combination of features than Substance Designer. In my recent models I quite rarely use SD. I've made a few filters that I missed and sometimes I just take a texture, process it in SP, unload images into SD and make a material but other than that I usually work in SP all the time. The main advantage of SP for me is that you can tile and offset every layer in any way you want. And yes, I know there is a transform tool in SD but in SP it's just faster and more comfortable and you can use Tri-Planar projection at once (I used it A TONE, that's why my models look consistent around the corners, and if you are wondering, my UVs are frickin abysmal - a bunch of incoherent squares [with minimal seams though] - just to ensure I can make them as fast as possible). And also I just hate when your resulting material UI looks like a spaghetti with meat balls, I much prefer a folder structure, maybe it's a subjective thing. And yeah, all this time I assumed you use Anchor Points in SP, cuz if you don't it's a cardinal sin and you should make a confession right now , no seriously if you don't use Anchor Points do try them - they are the thing that made SP unparalleled in it's power. It's why SP can compete and overcome SD in features. I honestly feel that sometimes people don't understand the true power of SP. I saw one speed-up video of an artist texturing a shotgun in SP. What he did was put a bunch of materials into the stack and just paint their masks by hand. Then he painted scratches by hand. Then he painted leather sewing seams by hand. Then he used a stamp tool to put an image on a wooden and/or leather surface by hand. This is incredibly wrong, I believe stamp tool should never be used while manual painting of complex images should be kept to a minimum. Stamped images should be instead injected into the model as a fill layer, with the needed scale/offset values and a mask that only exposes the needed section. That way you have all the control in the world to fix it, change it or enhance the stamp image in the future and are not forced to delete and redo it again every time. Painting should be reserved to broad strokes in masks to specify the areas where you want something to be exposed, or to save time in certain corner cases. With this approach you can actually save the smart material you've just created and reuse it later. Those oversaturated houses I made? I simply applied a smart material I made for another building. One smart material, 10 seconds of work and they already look pretty nice. Even the blue house was made out of it - I just tweaked the colors a bit. It's a smart material mind you - not an SD material. Smart materials are much easier to create and, like I said, you can control the tiling immediately. You are totally and completely right. There is a combination of reasons why I used this approach: a) being a complete newbie this was the only thing I could think of at the time. Still, my buildings aren't completely non-modular: most of them consists of five parts (face, left wall, back wall, right wall and roof), so in the future I will be able to create a different wall for a certain house if I need it; b) my houses take a small part of the frame as I am making a top-down game, which allowed me to use incredibly large (2k most of the times for 1 side, 4k in certain places) textures to achieve high fidelity; c) even with the latter advantage, I had to grow my brain to use a somewhat modular approach with the largest building as it is really frickin large ; d) I understand that the modular approach allows to create a multitudes of texture combinations and sometimes geometry combinations with a single asset. I have several thoughts about this: - most of the times the end result looks a bit generic; - this produces sharp corners and transitions when done poorly (and it is incredibly time-consuming to make it right); - wielding the power of Blender and SP () I can basically do the same thing with my buildings by completely remodeling them, changing the UV layout and retexturing them in SP. Because I made all my SP projects handpainting-free this whole process should not take too long (if I feel like working () - maybe around 2 hours per building). When we compare the time investments, the true modular approach starts winning only over an incredible large distance (20 houses+ made from a single modular house) because you need to factor in extra planning, trial and error and "debugging" time of the modular approach. This is kinda what I thought watching Houdini videos - cool concept, but only a win when you are building an MMO like "The Division"; - modular IS the way to go though in quite a number of situations, and over time I've grown to understand the exact situations I would need it in: like pavement, or a complex asphalt road made of the basic asphalt and tones of decal overlays with simple pieces like markings, tar marks, cracks, etc. So basically I constantly evaluate the time it will take me to do something and my willingness to do it against the final result and this is the reasoning behind most of my decisions for this specific project (mind that the project's top-down view was not a random design decision either - it was a conscious choice that my newbie brain made back in the day to ensure I will be working on a feasible [although super long-term] project rather than building an endless FPS utopia). I really don't think I've made much of an achievement. I rather believe that with modern tools anyone can produce this kind of art if they have the dedication (keep in mind, I've spent around 4 to 5 months of part-time work on this, if you subtract the learning time and this is like 10 screens worth of an unfinished game world). If any indie is reading this, please don't think that "wow this dude can do lots of stuff" please rather think "hell, looks like making this kind of models is easy if you use the right tools, I can do it too". I would love to see more indies produce better graphics, because we are loosing the war against AAA companies solely based on graphics and now is really the time to step up as AAA games suck more and more every year.
  13. 1) It looks like your AO is spreading from the building down to the ground it stands on. In my level I have the ground and the building as two separate models that can be mixed and matched differently I can't imagine how I can spread AO this way in every case. 2) In Unity, whenever there is direct light ray falling on an object - there is no or very little AO, I think this is quite correct. This means that your system completely breaks when a light source is shining on an object. 3) This creates blurry dark lines near the edges of buildings and I am not a big fan of overemphasized ao. It makes the final image look dirty. This is some INSANELY useful stuff man! My mind is obliterated! Thanks a TONE! Now I have a weak worth of studying and practice! Yeah, there is clearly no way to create that large of a model without tiling portions of it. I actually had a similar situation with the largest building in my scene - most of it's walls are actually covered with a tiled 1024x1024 texture. But yeah with my game setup I am the lucky one in the fact that I can just use 4k textures for large buildings and get away with it :). If you mean Substance Painter - do give it a try. I can't really even express how much power this tool provides. I can create next to any shape by just playing with shapes. For this whole scene I hardly painted a thing (graffities were taken from royalty-free web sites). I would hardly ever be building an art portfolio. Truth is I am a much better coder than artist, so if I would ever have to seek work in gaming industry I would search for a coder's position. Hopefully I will make mah own game, it will sell and I would just be happy this way :). I cannot thank you enough for your feedback! This was incredibly useful!
  14. Well, this approach still leaves a visible straight line which sticks out as a sore thumb, especially where there is a sharp contrast between the color of the ground and the color of the wall. With decals I can actually create uneven lines. But yeah dirt is one way to achieve this. Here are the screenshots with a few improvements (enlarge them, images are huge!):
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