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  1. Get VertexData of GluQuadric

    Hi,  can someone tell me how i get the vertexdata (and maybe texture and normals data) from a GluQuadric without actually drawing it? I found out something like Glutesselation should work, but i dont understand it at all. This cant be so complicated now, so maybe someone knows a simple way? thanks for help   CapoDaster
  2. Form of GluQuadrics

    Hey Guys, i need to work with some Quadrics in OpenGL. I can draw some Zylinder with it ("gluCylinder"). But im still wondering what form they use? Is is implicit, or parametric? For my work i need a Zylinder which is presented in both forms. Is it possible to change the used form? And finally can i Access the used formula to get parameter? Thanks for information and greetings. CapoDaster