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  1. Which program should I use?

    Can you mention some things I could use C# for, other than making games. ? You are a big help to me!
  2. Which program should I use?

    Thanks for the answers, I really appreciate them. I just don't understant why I should want to learn C#, if I want to use Game Maker, since Game Maker uses GML, right? I understand that if I learn C# I will learn a language thats more "all-round", than a language made for gaming? Also, I have never heard of any commercial games made in Game Maker? I know there is not a lot of commercial 2d games out there these days, but still... Keep the answers coming :) Kimbojack8
  3. Which program should I use?

    Hi there! I'm new here, so please accept that I'm a total noob at programming, but I have the will to learn. I have an idea for a game and I am thinking about making it in the same "style" as "To the Moon" by Freebird Games (If you haven't played it, do yourself the favor, thank me later). Basicly I want to make a game/visual story, with some exploration and some objects you have to find. I don't want any "skills" for the characters, just the ability to move them around by clicking and find some things in fx. a room. But the most important thing in the "game" will be the story and that I have a really twisting story to tell. I know that To the Moon was made in RPG Maker, and I have therefore been looking into this program, but I have also heard good things about Game Maker, but I know there is a lot of other programs too.. I have never programmed anything in my life, but as I stated, I am willing to learn. So my question is, which program would suit my needs best? And also, which programming language does the program use? Thanks in advance. Kimbojack8