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  1. C++ and MySQL for the server

    Actually, i have successfully coded many many things in about 6 or 7 other languages. And learning to effectively code has nothing to do with it. I was asking what requirements i need. Suchas the include files. I have now coded a server btw. I was simply asking for the required information needed to be able to code a server. And actually, calculus is a good suggestion but is not actually necessary. Anyways. Thanks guys for all your help. I followed a WinSock tutorial to get started and coded the rest of the server myself. Hoping that i will have my MMORPG done by December. Good day everyone.
  2. C++ and MySQL for the server

    I did not understand any of this except how to open a socket. Can someone just add me on Skype so in case i need help i will have someone to help me out?
  3. C++ and MySQL for the server

    You should use tools that are available to you, and that you are comfortable in using. Successful game servers have been written using a variety of technologies, including but not limited to C++, Java, C#, Python, Visual Basic, Erlang, JavaScript, and C. So, the first question is: What do you already know, and what do you have available to you? What i meant is how do i make a server? Idek how i would do any of this but no-one is even giving me a hint on how to start coding a server.   What i already know is basically how to do everything needed to make an online game except how to code a server. So any help would be great!
  4. C++ and MySQL for the server

    What i mean is, what should i use to make the server? Is there a tutorial on this? 
  5. C++ and MySQL for the server

    Yes but you never explained how i would do this. Not everyone here have a Game Programming degree in C++ :P Lol. But do you have any suggestions on how i could do this?
  6. C++ and MySQL for the server

    So how can i securely transfer data from my SQL server to the program/video game?
  7. Is it secure and fast for me to make my C++ DirectX10 game retrieve data from my MySQL server via SQL queries that are run inside the client?