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    Story and Survival in one Game?

    My internet was out for about a month, sorry to just now be getting back to this topic.. by survival game, I meant a for lack of a better reference; "MineCraft" style survival game, running around, surviving, and getting materials.   As for adding a story, in my month away contemplating, I've already made a decision to not include it, instead I've decided to take the elements of the story I was planning and just implement them into an entirely separate game, since it seemed to stray from the core gameplay experience.
  2. I'm working on a Survival Game, but I want it to have a Story as well, but for the players, I'm fearing that it may seem like mixed objectives for Gameplay and may end up seeming clumsy. So I'm looking for opinions on the idea, the Survival mode would be your basic Survival mode, you know, getting Resources and surviving. But the story Mode would be more serious and have a sort of tie in with the Survival mode.   My first thought on fixing the Clumsy "Mixed Signals" response that a lot of Players might get was simply making a Sequel that included a story, but that seems to be getting a bit ahead of myself when the Survival Game is in the Concept State of Development.
  3. WulfTheWulf

    Kickstarter and Copyrights.

      The main thing on the Kickstarter page will be a proof of concept, and I wouldn't call my Idea original, since it has been done before, just not quite in this way, which is why I'm worried about it being stolen.
  4. If I put my Project up on Kickstarter to try and get some money to help pay for developing the project further, would someone be able to steal my idea because it Isn't Copywritten? and if so, is there a solution that I could use for this? Since the primary funds for early development need to come from a place like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.
  5. I decided to choose my Engine before choosing the Language, that way I would learn the best Language for the type of game I'm working on, in this case, I'm working on a town-like game that's supposed to have many players in it at one time, possibly up to 50, Also I need to be able to make Dynamic AI. So I'm just wondering which of the 3 Unity-Compatible Languages is the best to learn for my game? Boo, C#, or JavaScript?
  6. Both the Murl Engine and the Unity Engine are free for commercial use, so I'm just wondering which one is actually better.
  7. So the Engine fully works with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OSX? My project is a game designed for those Operating Systems.
  8. I'm looking for a Game Engine that doesn't require me to pay for a Developer License, I'm making a very low budget game with almost no money to pay for a Developer License, so I'm just wondering if there are any engines I can use that don't require me to pay anything and that do not limit my use of them for not paying.
  9. WulfTheWulf

    Server-less Multiplayer?

        What I mean is a game that doesn't require me to pay for server hosting, I'm not exactly sure how to do that, or if it's even possible. The game is supposed to be based on Multiplayer only, which makes servers a big problem, I don't have the kind of money to pay to keep servers up. I want players to be able to start their own I'll call them "Areas" (to avoid revealing anything about the game). The first thing that comes to mind in that circumstance is having them start their own servers, but at the same time I don't want them to have to pay to start a server and continue paying to keep it up. Is there a way to have them start their own servers without them having to pay for it?   On the topic of "Peer-to-Peer", it doesn't really seem to be what I'm looking for, it seems like it would be very laggy for a lot of players. I may be wrong on that.
  10. I'm just wondering what the legal requirements are for creating a Game Studio, other than age majority.   Adding to this I'm also wondering if a Studio or Company is even legally required for creating a game for profit.
  11. I'm working on a game that has players starting their own individual areas in the game, but I'm not looking to spend money on servers or server support, and I know of a few games that have Server-less Multiplayer, I'm just wondering how that works.
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