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    Pixel Perfect Plane

    Pixel Perfect Plane is game of skill with fun old school graphics and selfie opportunity Pixel Perfect Plane is revisit of old school games with paper plane moving downwards with appealing and fun old school art maintaining the retro feel.  Game requires skill to play and as users play the skill will increase, by playing you can finish achievements and unlock new. It's live on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TripleClaim.PixelPlane Very soon iOS also.  
  2. listener

    Bananaz In Space

    TripleClaim Game Collectives Bananaz In Space is now live on Indiegogo...   We have awesome perks!   CHECK US OUT!  
  3. listener

    Bananaz In Space

    TripleClaim Game Collective Indiegogo campaign is starting in a few hours.   Check out our pitch video ahead of time.   [media][/media]      
  4. listener

    Bananaz In Space

    TripleClaim Game Collective has been nominated to go on E3 Expo but we need your help to make this true, spare some time and vote for us on the link below.   http://indiescrashe3.com/nomination/0F665073-E5CE-1B6F-C24C-9C5107740995
  5. listener

    Bananaz In Space

      TripleClaim Game Collective proudly presents it’s first independent arcade inspired game for Android, iOS and other popular gaming platforms. Bananaz In Space is original concept that we like to call teaser game, sort of a prequel to our J.D. Zetz the Banana Conspiracy, a game that is currently in production by our small but effective and hardworking team.     It pulls you into a colorful and fun world of apes obsessed with space traveling and of course… bananas!   As a part of a bizarre space program our monkey hero is sent to space in a rocket ship to collect as many bananas as possible on his way to the sun. The premise of the whole monkey civilization, their technology and their society is based around belief that the whole sun is yellow because it’s made of bananas! The only way to get there is by rocket and our monkey is following his “yellow brick road”.     The game itself is a sort of presentation that the main boss monkey is presenting to his minions, about how to get to the sun and what to expect from a space travel from the monkey’s point of view. Players choose specific mission by spinning the wheel of fortune. Your goal is to navigate the monkey spaceship on it’s way to the sun.   The Rocket is powered by fire crackers, stars and planets are hanging from the ceiling and space is a giant theater.   Both visual and sound style is influenced by the fifties, atom-punk rendered with UPA-e & Hanna Barbera cartoons and it’s a part of the larger universe that we want to explore and expand in our squeal Banana Conspiracy.   Official Bananaz in Space trailer     NOW LIVE ON INDIEGOGO     Bananaz In Space website TripleClaim Game Collective website Twitter Facebook
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