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  1. freetype fonts

    under project properties->build targets->objects output directory specifying the path there fixes it ^.^
  2. freetype fonts

    Thankyou; progress!   I put the dll's in what i had taken to be the active directory and ran the executable.  The program ran so I guess that was the active directory.   Unfortunately that means I need to do something so codeblocks knows where to find the file.  I've been messing around with directory settings but haven't figured it out yet.
  3. freetype fonts

    I am trying to implement the freetype font method shown in http://nehe.gamedev.net/tutorial/freetype_fonts_in_opengl/24001/   with some of my own code.  I am using Windows 7 and Codeblocks with MinGW.     The issue I am running into is that when I try to call our_font.init("usuzv2i.ttf", 16); I get a popup box saying "This application has requested runtime to terminate it in an unusual way."  It then immediately crashes.  There's a decent chance I'm encountering a problem with the below because I don't have the file setup right but I don't know.  I downloaded "usuzv2i.ttf" and put it in my active directory. // This Is Where We Load In The Font Information From The File. // Of All The Places Where The Code Might Die, This Is The Most Likely, // As FT_New_Face Will Fail If The Font File Does Not Exist Or Is Somehow Broken. if (FT_New_Face( library, fname, 0, &face )) throw std::runtime_error("FT_New_Face failed (there is probably a problem with your font file)");  
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