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  1. How to get motivated to learn Programming?

    Thanks Buster2000, I've been struggling to find something that teaches me to code in an engaging way and, so far, Codeacademy is frickin' awesome!
  2. Gravity FAQ

  3. The first bit could be translated as follows:   The social network website "Odnoklassniki" stopped working on/in the afternoon/evening of Thursday, 4th of April. The services Down For Everyone Or Just Me and HostTracker confirm access problems to "Odnoklassniki".   The thing is, when translating and then translating back again, you don't usually get a word for word translation, so this may not be exactly right. I carry this on if you like. Also there are words like 'en' (on/in) and 'tarde' (late/afternoon/evening) that can have multiple meanings, so I might occasionally pick the wrong one, but that does not mean that the translation is wrong.
  4. I am learning Spanish at the moment - I am still fairly new to it but I can read it quite well, so I am not qualified one way or the other, but the translation looks good to me. It seems to be structured correctly, which is something Google Translate gets wrong (although it is good). If you would like me to, I can try to translate it back in to English for you later, although it will take me a little while to do.