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  1. Rotated rectangle vs circle collision

    Right, you are correct. Windows 7 and java updated to 7.
  2. Rotated rectangle vs circle collision

    I can't open your game. It crashes as soon as it tries to create its window.
  3. Rotated rectangle vs circle collision

    Ah I missed those commans   I've never used Slick2D which should not be a problem here at all. You just match the way it rotates.   Does it work with 0 degrees? Did you try outputting the values? If so, how are they acting? If I'm debugging it, I would start from there to find out what is not acting properly.   I can't tell much from the given piece of code. If you can show me a code that I can actually run and test, I could help more.   You do understand the idea, right?
  4. Rotated rectangle vs circle collision

    Hey there.   I think it's just a typo, but you are missing the type declaration at     x, y;     Have you tried taking logs outputting the values? See if the outputs correspond to the graphic representation or if they look correct in the scenes behind.Try to implement piece by piece making sure they work at lower level.   How are you graphically rotating them?   What actually works and what doesn't?   This is all I can say right now because I'm gonna be out all day today.