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  1. SFML 2.1

    Hey guys, a question here... What can you say about SFML 2.1? Is it dependable and okay to use in games?
  2. OpenGL Texture Mapping

    How do I display multiple textures? for example, I created to polygons, one for the Background Picture, and another one for the sprite. I am using SOIL (Simple OpenGL Image Library) to load png files into the textures, so far I am successful in displaying either one of the two textures, but how do I display them both? I uploaded my source code. [attachment=14890:opengl_sample.txt] Also, I do not know how to display the texture with the correct corresponding size with the png file, for example, the image file is 76 x 80, but when i display it it becomes so large. I need help, I am kinda noobish.
  3. OpenGL Backwards Compatibility

  4. I made an openGL game using C++ (Win32). The version of my openGL is 1.4. My question is, will my game run on a PC with openGL version 4.3? Is there any backwads compatibility feature between different versions? Sorry for the questions, I am just a beginner. Please reply. Thanks.
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