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  1. What are applications for wide range time of flight measurement?

    Thank you a lot for all these great and interesting ideas. These are very valuable contributions to our project.   We are especially interested in mass markets. Technical specifications can still be changed since the development of the technology is not finished yet. Are there any further problems that could be potentially solved using this technology?   Thanks in advance!
  2. What are applications for wide range time of flight measurement?

    Thanks for all your interesting ideas...they really sound great! @Barzai: the sensor is a infrared TOF 3D chip. At the moment we do not limit the technology to any type of application field but are curious to get to know your ideas and/or about how you would assess the potential of the technology.   To your point of view, what makes this technology most interesting or unique?
  3. What are possible applications for wide range time of flight measurement?   In the course of a university project we are currently involved in a new technology that captures environments and creates 3D models thereof. In particular, the technology offers the following benefits: - Captures large areas of up to 32x32ft (or 10x10m) - Offers precision of 0.03" (or 1mm) - Detects motions in real-time with up to 1000fps (Response time: 1ms) - Offers resolution of 640x480 (VGA)  - Works independent of light (both bright and dark light conditions) - Is resistent to interference due to HDDM (High Definition Distance Measurement)  - Is portable (0.8"x0.8")  - Consumes low power (50mW-500mW)  - Captures an angle of 180°; when combining two modules 360° would be possible. What application fields / problems could be relevant that would require operating in such large areas, at given precision and time resolution? We would be highly interested in applications or problems with focus on a rather large group of users. Thank you in advance for your support!
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