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  1. What about Sacred Seasons? Also: http://mmohuts.com/editorials/best-turn-based-mmorpgs Wizard 101 is a card/deck system so it doesn't count, but I'm not familiar with the others, they might be FF-style. Certainly there are a ton of virtual pet sites with Pokemon-influenced rock-paper-scissors turn-based combat. Ahh didn't know of a few of those. cool. They are similar, but not entirely what I envisioned.   Also, if by tactical you mean the systems where you have to move your characters along on a grid, in my personal opinion I completely hated that. For enemies I could easily defeat, it would take forever just to move my characters into position just to 1 hit them.   But I did envision a grid like combat system. You wouldn't have to move characters, but different attacks etc... would attack in a different pattern on the grid for damaging multiple enemies at once. Also part of the design I've been thinking off is to have the attacks of the players be modifiable or entirely custom created all togeather.   So for example, I could design a grid pattern, and then say ok on the center cell I want to use my "flame tornado" effect, and on the 2 adjacent cells I want to use "snare". These abilities would be created from objects/elements found within the game. So for that example attack I would have to use (making this up as I go), a "flame tornado" crystal and 2 snare crystals.   This gives a better understanding for me desire for a turn-based system so I could have these player created abilities. I could even get more advanced and have projectile type crystals that can split at cells and create cascading effects etc...   I dunno, just brainstorming lol. Thanks for your input.
  2.       Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see people are more receptive to the concept than I had expected. If I were to implement it in a game, I think I would have it so when you initiate combat with a enemy, that your characters just break off into positions in the same world as every one else so others can see the fight along with all the cool special effects etc...   I honestly don't see why it hasn't already been at least attempted in graphical MMO yet. It looks to me like it would be a lot more efficient in terms of bandwidth usage etc... than real-time fights. As soon as players enter a fight, you can pretty much stop sending position updates from server as your basically locked into position. Tracking character positions is the majority of bandwidth usage in a MMO.
  3. I'm just curious what you guys think about a mmo with turn based combat like final fantasy style? If you think it would work, how would you implement it? Would you have visible enemies in the over world and bumping into them takes you into turn-based mode invisible to players not in the battle? Would you render the combat in the over world clearly visible to other players? Would you just have "random encounters" that jump you into turn based mode?   I personally think the idea has potential, but I know a lot of people hate turn-based combat. I like turn based combat, but I do get annoyed being constantly sucked into fights when I'm on a mission or something and I don't really NEED to fight and turn based fights seem to take forever.   EDIT: I also think it's something new and hence my reason for this post. The MMO genre as of late seems to have gotten bland and lacking in innovation. Really needs some new ideas out there.