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  1. Modular Gaming - Open source browser based game framework

    We have now updated Modular Gaming to have default shops/items. Please take a look at Let me know what you think of the artwork.
  2. Modular Gaming - Open source browser based game framework

    We are currently developing mini games. So far we have Rock Paper Scissors. Does anyone have any suggestions? Black jack?
  3. Modular Gaming - Open source browser based game framework

    It is modular because you can turn off features you don't require. If you only enable core, user and forum you can have a forum on its own with no game features. Removing the PHP backend would be complicated but maybe possible. The frontend is mainly Twitter Bootstrap and Mustache template files which would be usable by a different backend. Not too sure if it would be worth the effort removing the PHP backend though.
  4. We are in the process of creating a open source persistent browser based web game (PBBG) framework which will have all the features to get you started and let you start developing your unique features without having to write all the basics. We have taken a modular approach, you can use only the modules you want. If you wanted just a forum you could enable only the core, user and forum modules.   We are building our framework using Kohana which is an open source, object oriented (H)MVC web framework built using PHP5 by a team of volunteers that aims to be swift, secure, and small. We are using Kohana 3.3 with many modules, including the following:   1.) ORM is a a powerful Object Relational Mapping (ORM) module that uses the active record pattern and database introspection to determine a model's column information. 2.) Mustache is a template specification we use for our templates, we use Kostache's implementation.   You can download our preview release at You can view a demo at If you have any questions, bugs or feature requests feel free to post them on the issue tracker at GitHub.   Licensed under a BSD license. Modular Gaming can be used legally for any open source, commercial, or personal project. Regards, Modular Gaming