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  1. Hey there!   Few weeks ago me and a friend of mine decided to start developing games - mainly for mobile platforms (and firstly, for Android, because we don't have any Apple devices yet). At first we will create some simple games to get used to a workflow we need and after that we are planning to create some 2d sidescrollers and adventure games (later, 3d is an option).   I was searching through the topics here and the Internet as well and I have met with to viable options for us - Cocos2d-x and Libgdx. Of course there are more, but these were appealing to me.   My first point was to be able to create games for multiple platforms easily - I think this is a pro for both frameworks, but can you share some thoughts/experiences about these too?   Of course, one is built around C++ and the other is built around Java, none of the two is a problem (I am better at Java but I have enough experience in C++ to start developing). I also saw that there are many discussions/tutorials/videos/whatevers about both.    I am just curious which you would choose for your projects, which you did chose before and why?   Thanks!   Richard
  2. Hi,   I just started learning LibGDX too and found these two very useful:   http://obviam.net/index.php/getting-started-in-android-game-development-with-libgdx-create-a-working-prototype-in-a-day-tutorial-part-1/   Or if you like videos more: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8E5pNjh8OR3f6X4tpjt0M0By6z0sB4MP   Best regards Richard