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  1. Well I've been wondering how the enemies in fighting games work, what I mean is the coding for their movements as in blocking,dodging etc.
  2. Where do I start?

    Sure I guess, once its not a massive download
  3. Where do I start?

    Ok before I start I just want to say that I am a new member and I hope everyone is friendly. Also there are probably thousands of threads like this, but I need some undivided help.   Ok so every one of my school breaks are the same, I watch TV, Anime and play one game until I'm bored, but this summer I plan to do something that I can benefit from..sorta.   Well I would like to make a game engine where I can basically put 3d models in, walk around and kill stuff in a kinda 3rd person look down view (can't explain that well) and have a battle system where you can lock on to enemies and block,dodge,attack use specials etc, with simple fog,water,flame effects and possibly electricity.. It can be like basic low poly models and shouldn't require an expensive computer to play.   P.S. and if someone can possibly teach me how to make a nice hud like in LoL or DotA etc   Videos and articles would be nice, I have decent experience with Blender.