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  1. -Sorry.   You have said you are not a programmer by this manner. This site is for getting helped, but since you stated you have no programming abilities, we really cannot get to advice you. So the best bet  is to get a programmer to do it, as we understand it. Do not confuse this with no one willing to help, but since you stated you are unable to program - as I understood, you should follow unbird advice.  
  2.   I can't offer money. And this project also is not a big thing that will change the world of graphics, and that needs to be done by computer science Ph.D.s and everything else. Just wondering modify any Antialiasing technique like FXAA or SMAA, improving and adding more features. This is a simple thing that can be done by a game modder. Just need the help of personal, who likes to help others, that has skill with HLSL, Shaders, Post-processing, Algorithm, 3D Rendering and lots of patience :)
  3.   Okay, but what would be the right category? Programmer?
  4. I would that, not necessarily invent, but create a unique AA technique, that not only remove aliasing, well as all make, but also have a supreme quality, upper peformance, color enhancer and sharp image function in other words: A hybrid smart technique, using the best there is out there, in other techniques like: FXAA/SMAA/CMAA/DLAA and others you may know. Purpose: free use for game developers & game modding. I do not have a key idea for it, but can be based on the descriptions. -Sorry, I'm just dreaming a little louder.
  6. Hello, is anybody there can create some techniques from AA to games? How SMAA and FXAA. I intend to use in GTA IV.
  7. I need some shader effects (dx9) for my first FX Injector
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