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  1. OpenGL Rendered texture is blank

    I need an answer here, if anyone has thoughts.
  2. OpenGL Rendered texture is blank

    Seven downloads and no ideas? Do you all think I should just start over and simplify the code a bit more?
  3. OpenGL Rendered texture is blank

    Oops. I'll put them up right now.   Edit: If you re-download the zip file, they should be there now.
  4. I am attempting to render to a texture, then render the texture to the screen, but it always seems to be blank no matter what I do. Can you guys take a look for me and see what I am missing here?   The basic idea is that it renders into the _preRenderColorbuffer, renders the scene into _mainRenderColorBuffer, then uses _postRenderColorbuffer to combine the results and perform all post-render effects, such as bloom effects, antialiasing, et cetera. I currently have it rendering the scene into _preRenderColorbuffer, and simply using _postRenderColorbuffer to render the texture to the screen. It doesn't work at all, from the looks of it, because I just get a black square in the middle of the screen. I am beginning to wonder if I can actually do this on iOS with OpenGL.