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  1. Hi. Working a bit on Alvaros proposal. Maybe something like this could work?   Suppose we have Player A and Player B Player A Decides to do: Action A, Action B, Action C In order to succeed upon these actions he need to roll a d6. We want to make sure that Player A is not able to simulate the d6 before sending the mail, and is not able to find a seed that gives him the results he wants. Send information about Action A, Action B, Action C and in addition a number (PartialSeedA) which can be a random number decided at the location of Player A and that Player B never need to create. Encrypt: "Player A Name:" + PartialSeedA in a part of the Mail with the Action A, Action B and Action C.   Player B Decides to do: Action D, Action E and need in the same way to roll d6. Send information about Action D, Action E and in addition a number (PartialSeedB) which can be a random number decided at the location of Player B and that Player A never need to create. Encrypt "Player B Name:" + PartialSeedB in a part of the Mail with the Action D, Action E. - When Player A receives the mail about actions from Player B he knows that Player B cannot do more manipulation to the seed and also not to change actions. So Player A sends an decrypt key regarding his own PartialSeedA. Player B decrypts the seed from Player A's mail and the text showing his name proofs that the encryption/decryption is "real".   In the same way Player B receives mail from Player A and sends his own decryption key to Player A.   Both players have now decrypted PartialSeedA and PartialSeedB - both combine these two into one new number that can be used as a seed.   If this protocol works it does probably not work so well for many players...   Both players' game logic now use the same seed to generate d6 results to resolve the Actions.   Sisofys
  2. Hi   As far as I can tell:   Given that I know the algorithm of the game and how it process the random number into game data.   I could create a table of seeds and the next few random numbers each seed will create.   If I want particular outcome I could chose a seed from my table that gives useful random number for my case.   If I have a big table it could be impossible for the opponent to identify if the seed was "prepared" or not.   Sisofys.
  3. Hi! I am looking for some tutorial or book focusing on the Lua C API.   I find that the reference manual to Lua on this topic is not managing to help me :) The Reference manual is very formal and I am not good at extracting the "how to do it" from it: E.g "Pushes onto the stack the value t[k], where t is the value at the given valid index and k is the value at the top of the stack." - is not easy for me to understand.   Does anyone know of some tutorial / book that explains this a bit different and with some examples?   I am not looking for a book that explains the Lua Language itself, I am finding tutorials that manage to explain me this well.   Sisofys        
  4.   Thank you for answer. Yes. I did this (attempt 2 in original post), and it works, but I got this "cosmetic issue" in Revision Graph.   I have tried to create a new repository, and create a folder "Project" in there -- Then I did "dump-load" into this Project folder, and last I tried rename from workcopy. This resulted in the same "cosmetic issue".   So, for the moment it is as it is...   Sisofys.
  5. Hi! Im using TortoiseSVN v1.8 I have a a repository in C:\Subversion In this repository I have a folder Abc (basically my project) That is controlled by Subversion and has trunk and many other branches in it. I wish to rename the folder Abc into Def Attempt 1 From Command Prompt I have tried    svn move  Abc  Def I get the message: svn: E155007: 'D:\Parentfolder\Def' is not a working copy (the folder does not exist before I do this attempt). So it doesn't want to move/rename the Abc into Def directly. I tinkered further on this approach by creating a folder in the Repository called Def and creating a workspace for it. But the the error just moved to the parent folder of Abc and Def (which is not in Subversion control): svn: E155007: 'D:\Parentfolder' is not a working copy so this seems not promising. Attempt 2: I have opened the Repository Browser and I have renamed the folder Abc in there into Def without any problem. However, when i checkout after  doing this, and I look into   Revision Graph of my project, I see some new 8-sided-"boxes" containing the new folder name,which I am sure are totally correct but it is all over... and seems very cluttering - and I would like not to have it like that in the Revision Graph (what if I should get the idea to change my project name another time ...) Is there a way to do this renaming without getting cluttered Revision Graph? I don't have a big history so I can easily export and import the project if necessary. Im thinking if I should start a new repository, create a root folder "MyProjects" and start to put projects in that one. Then I probably need to script this project (Abc) into this new repository.   Sisofys.
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