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  1. Hello everybody, I just released my new app called Puck Stopper. In it, you control a hockey goalie and save pucks.   Become an expert Hockey Goalie! Stop pucks speeding in from the offense, using Puck Stopper's smooth drag controls. Get the crowd going wild, or show off to your friends. show them what a great Puck Stopper you are!   - Catchy Music! - Cheering Crowd! - Quality Sound! - Muting Option! - Fast Paced Gameplay! - It's Free! - Hockey!!!   Get Puck Stopper Here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.theryan.puckstopper   Trailer:   Screen Shots:   Get Puck Stopper today!
  2.         Get Block Runner Mobile Here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.The_Ryan.Block_Runner       Hello gamedev comunity, here is my first android app that isn't a port and is an actual game.       Block Runner Mobile has you pitted against countless hordes of blocks. You control your ball with intuitive touch controls, guiding it right to the finish line. All you have to do is try to avoid crashing into the blocks!       There are 30 full levels, each adding a new challenge. But don't forget about endless mode! Endless mode has you trying to keep your ball running past the blocks as long as you can hold out. Try and get a high score!   Game Play Video:   Screenshots:
  3. Become the killer of the deep! You are a fish, that is on its way to the top of the food chain. Eat the others, don’t be eaten. All those other fish want to snack on you, so eat them first! Lots of upgrades are there to help you on your way. Featuring a first person view from the eyes of a fish, upgrades to many aspects of the fish, and big open waters.   Game-Play Video: Available on the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...lerintothedeep Thank you, The Ryan
  4. Google Play Store Link I just released my new app called Ultimate Insulter, it randomly generates insults from pre-defined templates and a big text file with many words. The app is available here, on the google play store. For Android only. Here is a video of the app in action. Warning: Mild Language.   Some Screenshots:     Thank you, The Ryan
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. There are currently 15 different templates for insults. Sometimes you get a repeat, other times you don't see the same one for many rolls. Still gonna add a few more before release, along with more words in the list.
  6.   I am currently making an app called Ultimate Insulter, it randomly generates insults from pre-defined templates and a big text file with many words. The app is near completion, probably about a week or so left of tweaking, etc.   Here is a video of the app in action. Slightly offensive words are used, but nothing really bad.  
  7. The Ryan

    Doppelganger, atmospheric horror game

    The boxes are there to make you observe the environment more closely and make more instantaneous choices. They are an obstacle and can't be destroyed.
  8. This is my new game called Doppelganger. This was my first attempt at a horror game, it was made with unity. You are inside a sort of maze like building being chased by  your doppelganger. You need to get three keys to unlock the door.   You can play it online here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/The_Ryan/doppelg-nger?acomplete=doppelga   Or download it for higher quality and full screen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/avqe6hqnxzcr7ef/DoppelGanger.rar (or just get the attachment on this post)
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