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  1. How to retheme this game?

    Hey, good luck with rethemeing.  If you're out to make a game that a lot of people would want to play, then I would personally suggest keeping it a game developer game, and not a game about human resource management Rethemeing could work fine, but what about either: 1 - finding out more about big team game development, or 2 - writing up a fictional way that game development works in your gameworld ;) A lot of the management games that has gotten me hooked throughout the years have had a very similar general structure, even though they've all felt really different. Most of them kind of plays like tower defense games.    Imagine your game studio as a tower defense game for the development part:   First, The initial game dev team needs to focus in on a game idea. (like choosing a level in a TD game)   Second, they have to allocate resources. Who will do what in development? (like setting up your first defenses)   Third, they have to balance features, levels and other content versus a deadline or budget limit (like adding new towers for a wave of flying enemies, but not forgetting that ground enemies are still on the way)   Fourth, the stretch up to and including release of a game has additional work like pr spending, bugtesting and polishing, public previews and whether or not to release for holidays or in competition with other games (the way you adjust and perfect your TD setup before watching the chaos or perfect obliteration in that last TD wave).   Now if this sounds like a lot of work to put into your game, then yes, it definately can be. Depending on whether or not you want players to feel like they are making games, or managing people who make games on their own, it can be a daunting task. But, I for one, would very much play that game, as the game developer games I have tried all are cute and fun in their own ways, but often lacking in several ways. If you are serious about this and still want to give it a shot, though, I would reccommend that you check out Game Dev Story and Gamebiz 3 for inspiration. And please let me know if you do. I'd love to play it