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  1.   Thank you BeerNutts. The diffrerent contact vary from different position. I define 4 states to decide which force to apply. So I can control it now.
  2.   Marios give useful idea about the this situation. 
  3. I'm trying to use Box2D to control sprite movement.Some burning issues are these: 1.When I trying to move the sprite on a slope or a lean barrier. The sprite will move off the slope which is not what I want. 2.ALternatively, I could use setPosition or CCAction which provides by cocos2d-x to move the sprite and update the body position use SetTransform. But the body will lost it's physical limitation, it will passthrough other body. Thanks for your time, if you guys got any solution?    
  4. finanshow

    GUI System

      @BitMaster Thank you! I didn't get the question clear, let me made it more specific. Now I'm using cocos2d-x(http://www.cocos2d-x.org) to develop game for iOS&Android. There is no UI editor we can use, each time the art guys give the design, we have to set thoes sprite and items position in the code, hard-coded. That's a problem confused me and I never used UI editor before.
  5. finanshow

    GUI System

    Hi guys,     How can you deal with Dynamic UI Layout through a configuration file?
  6. Hi @Hedman, Great answer! It's helpful... 
  7. Yes, It's kind of "Match 3 in a row" game. How you got to implement this rule? Use recursion or backtracing? How to organized those objects, the board should be traverse each time. Thanks,
  8. Here what I mean is that algorithm to traverse the board to find out which candy need to be remove.
  9. Hi guys,   I would like to know how would you will design the core algorithm of CANDY CRUSH? Any one got idea?  
  10. Thank you Buster2000
  11. Hi guys,     I want to know if a UI editor is widely be used in mobile game development? What role it plays, is it designed for game producer or developer?
  12. According to your situation, why do you seperate those function base on their responsibility. I would like to define the protocolClass as a virtual class so that it could provide a processData() method, it no need to worry about the write and send function. SocketBuffer will take care of that.  class ProtocolClass{   SocketBuffer processData() =0;  // process the data by the protocol }   //SocketBuffer defines thoes write and read functions. class SocketBuffer{    void send(SocketBuffer *said) = 0;     void write(SocketBuffer *target) = 0; }   class testClass: public ProtocolClass, public SocketBuffer{     // to-do   }   does it meet your need?
  13. I don't really got you point. As @Bacterius said, you can easily merge A and B. Another way, you can define a pure virtual base class X which has function x(), y(), i(), j(). So that A or B inherit from X, so they can used them without any trouble. all right?
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