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  1. i find if rotating, for example, the color of two faces((0, 255, 0) and (255, 0, 255))' overlapping area is black, very clear   is it the substract operation
  2.   there is 'D3DFVF_SPECULAR' and 'D3DTA_SPECULAR', and that does not matter   i just want 'SetTextureStageState' do two add operation respectively, and modulate two results
  3.   not using light, i have set D3DRS_LIGHTING to FALSE    only vertex's diffuse, specular and texture
  4. yes it is easy to accomplish it using pixel shader, but i want to try it with SetTextureStageState   i find if setting D3DRS_SPECULARENABLE, the specular calculation is as follows   (vertex's diffuse + vertex's specular) * (texture's color + vertex's specular)   i have tried different parameters and stages of SetTextureStageState, but still unsolved
  5. now the vertex's color is white, it is odd and unlike D3DFVF_DIFFUSE
  6.   i use pixel shader to process light, passing vertex's normal and position   it works correctly if position is 'TEXCOORD1', but if position is 'COLOR1' it always be black
  7. the program is ok if using 'TEXCOORD1' to deliver the data   i want to see whether 'COLOR1' also works, and it does not
  8.   by the way, what is per-pixel lighting, does it exactly mean processing light in pixel shader   i find doing this way does not need to subdivide vertex triangles any more, so cpu usage lowers a lot
  9.   it is strange pixel shader use 'TEXCOORD' for non-texture usage, why not define another general input semantics
  10. it is easy to be done in vertex shader   if done in pixel shader, i make vertex shader output 'TEXCOORD' including the normal and position info and then take it as the input of pixel shader, is this the standard way or any other way
  11. the program is ok with 'dcl v0\n', then i want to see what 'v1' means   but i test 'D3DDECLUSAGE_POSITION' seems to be set only once in D3DVERTEXELEMENT9
  12. i find 'Direct3D 9 to Direct3D 10 Considerations' on msdn, but it's not practical   almost nothing is the same, and i have to rewrite everything from the beginning
  13.   yeah, pixel shader is so convenient
  14.   i want to get the picture's alpha channel value
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