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  1. Hello, I decided to start doing a little game and do not know what engine to use ... Of CryEngine and UDK that say it better? But PhyX Nvidia is an engine is better than two? PS: I searched the internet but still do not know which one to use ...
  2. WopsS

    Where to start?

    Is good this book?   Thanks everybody!
  3. WopsS

    Where to start?

    Hello, I began to learn and want to learn pseudo C + + to make a game like stronghold. Where to start, what I need to do this. You can give me some tutorials or some resources?
  4. Hi, someone can make a multiplayer extension for a game? How he do that? What programs he need, language for cooding, etc.   Thanks.
  5. Hy, where i can start with program develop in C++? I want to learn to make game, model, characters etc :D
  6. Hy, i want to learn to make a game but i don't known how to start. Please you can give me a site with tutorials to start?
  7. WopsS

    Multiplayer program

    Thanks, but i need a site how to learn programming. I know PHP, HTML, CSS and JS. :D I want to learn how to programming a video game:D
  8. Hy, i want to learn how to make a multiplayer game and i want a good program to do this and this program can do 3d. I don't like gamemaker is bad. I want to do a game from 0.   Thanks in advnace.   Sorry my bad english.
  9. Yes i don't known game programming but i want to learn and i want a good program to do that:D
  10. Hy, i want to known how is the best game engine and game maker. I want to create a new game and i want to use an engine or create it:D. I use gamemaker yoyogames, construct 2.   Edit: I want a multiplayer engine :D(only multiplayer engine no singleplayer).
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