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  1. Sorting a std::map

    you could use a boost multiindex http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_56_0/libs/multi_index/doc/tutorial/basics.html
  2. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/01/02/how-to-live-on-24-hours-a-day/
  3. Critical Feedback

    Thanks for responding.   Really I appreciate it.   Now let me go in order and see if I can address your points.   We're talking about your orbiting around the center black spot right? If that is case it is something that I definately need to look into.    Crap, I forgot turn the sound down.  I do have the functionality built in the code to do that. I totally spaced on it cause it's usually muted in the code when I work on it.  I am hoping to have the options screen built soon which will have the ability to change sound FX and BGM volume as well as muting each or both.   Perhaps I should cycle between?  C'mon man don't leave me in suspense    Thank you; I got the idea from a classic arcade game called Gyruss.   Yeah it should autosave every time you arrive back at the level select screen after a level is done. Provided you let flash save stuff on your computer. If so just go back to the main menu where it says new game and continue; and hit continue. It should let you pick up where your left off with levels unlocked and such.   Clashing styles; Okay I'll talk it over with my artist and see what we can do to make everything mesh together better. Thanks for pointing that out to me. We aren't using any pallette I know of. But I think we'd better start   You're right. It is a bit out of place. One of those other style conflicts I need to get straightened out.   Thanks again for your help and if you think of anything else that I need to look at let me know.