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  1. {Interested} So it automatically splits >64k models. Correct?
  2. I want to use really extreamly complex model in game, currently using cryengine, I can use objects with -64k faces. I am forced to break up my super complex models and spawn them in the engine. I am making a space sim like Kerbal space program but in Cryengine. I have had collision issues. My planet model with planetary terrain is really heavy in 3ds max. but in CE3 it doesnt effect fps. I have gravity etc.. Beside that this model issue. The planetary model is buggy (as it is in parts) I had to place each part in game so that is why it is buggy.  I was wondering is there a engine that can use not just something like a cry file (engine based mesh format) and just use directly a 3DS or OBJ, FBX file.    example: lets say cryengine can use 3ds file format. I would be able to use the 3ds model in game.