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    Can encrypted apps like Tigertext messaging be hacked?

    Thanks for the feedback   DaBono - I guess unhackable is not the best concept. For tigertext.com it seems that the effort to hack it looks like it is high, so that it might take too much time and effort to do so which is a good deterent.   Swiftcoder - The clues would be only for the user, and the ones who would want to know are the direct competitors for that day, so the clue would not be relivant in the game after 24 hours, so that it not and issue.   Again, thats for the feedback.
  2. I was wondering if encrypted apps like Tigertext messaging hackable? I am thinking of using their API for a game I am looking to develop and I want to make sure the game clues that will be messaged can’t be hacked. I looked on the Tigertext API site http://www.tigertext.com/developers/ but I couldn’t find anything about this.   I mean if somebody wanted to hack the phone, could they read the encrypted messages on it? Tigertext is HIPAA compliant, does that make it more secure?
  3. doubletime248

    need advise about publishing a game

    There are free PR services like PRLog, who will help get the word out and drive awareness to your game.   There are also a lot of game review sites, contact them and ask them to review your game.
  4. doubletime248

    Does anyone know how I can work with texts on my API?

    We used Tigertext secure texting for SOX compliance, but I know they are also HIPAA compliant. Just went on their site and confirmed they are HIPAA compliant and they have an API called TigerConnect:   http://developer.tigertext.com/   Good luck!
  5. doubletime248

    Straight to Game Engine?

    I think Unity is best for your first game, but as you become more familiar with the development and debuging process, you will find the XNA has some advantages and will be faster to pick up once you have used Unity for a little bit. Just keep at it.
  6. I would not waste too much time with this, choose option 3 -Use some other oldtimey wallpaper-type pattern that I find somewhere.   I think it will be a great game, I would not wait and get it up on the Apple store as soon as you get it completed.
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