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  1. I want to start creating games, but I'm quite far off the mark, as it seems. Can anyone give me some course of learning? Some advice? Anything?   I would like some sort of outline on starting and where to start; I don't care if I have to start with just moving an image from one point to another, but some sort of framework on this, even abstract, would be greatly appreciated. I'm (re)learning Python, and I'm taking an Autodesk Maya and Photoshop course over the summer. I've heard that 3DGS (3D Game Studio) is great for a beginner. Any thoughts on that? Can you tell me the tools used in making games (game engine, IDE, etc)     Anyone there to help? Please? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I am a complete noob, putting even iPhone users to shame (jk). I want to make a futuristic, open-world 3D game (by myself, if possible, but I do have a couple of friends that can help, if needed), with (somewhat) professional tools (Blender, GIMP, an actual game engine, etc.; no GameMaker for me). Graphics aren't too important, however. I have a couple of questions, if anyone would like to answer. 1. Can anyone tell me, step by step, the process of making a game? 2. Can you make a full, expansive world (mainly city) in Blender? From what I've seen, it seems very difficult to do so. 3. Can Sketchup be viably used for gamemaking? I can make and have made really cool things in it. 4. What programming language is best for 3D games, in general? I used to have a good knowledge of Python, HTML, BlitzBasic (that was stupid, haha), and a very precursory, basic grasp of Java, but I forgot a good bit of what I knew. Relearning most of it shouldn't be a problem, though.   5. How much programming knowledge do you need order to make a half-decent game (for scripting, AI, etc.) 5. Can you define the following terms: a. Triangulate meshes, b. Mapping, c. Unwrapping, d. Collision models, and e. Texturing? 6. Any other key game development words you think I should know?   7. Can I feasibly make such a game by myself?   8. Can you list some open-source game engines (that are relatively popular)? I really like the concept of open-source. And I'm cheap. 9. Seeing where I would like to go (making a futuristic open-world game) and what knowledge and resources I have, can you suggest to me a course of learning? Thank you. I really appreciate it.