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  1. Once upon a time when I need a new nick. I wanted it to be named after a character from a fantasy novel I had read, but could really remember the full name and spelling. Instead I ended up with Althea (later I remembered the name I was looking for was Althalus). Then I actually changed it to Althia, because Althea was taken when I played WoW. But Althia was already taken in here and thus I return to Althea ;)   But all other forums and such where I am active, my nick is still Althia.
  2. Is this concerning or just laughable?

    28% of all students starting at DTU (Danish Technical University) in 2012 were woman. In the high end we have the Bio Technology line where over 50% are woman. In the low end we have software technology with only about 10% woman. I really dont think that woman in general find science, math and so on boring ;)    
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