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  1. IPnose

    Breakout Ultimate

    I come back today to introduce you to my second Android game. Today it is the port of the brick-breaker I developed a few years ago for WinRT. Well when I talk about porting, in reality it's a complete rewrite of it.I still kept the original name, remarkable for its originality: Breakout Ultimate.I think you all kne principle and mechanics of a brick-breaker, so rather than leaving in a long speech I give you a sample of the 40 levels available (for the moment). Google play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pamperedbytes.breakoutultimate
  2. IPnose

    Crystal Mine

    Hello, everyone, I'm dusting off this topic to tell you that for the past 3 months I've been making some minor modifications to Crystal Mine: a better dispatching of bonuses on the grid (it's not perfect yet, but it's already much better than at the beginning), a background blur at the end of a level or on a failure, so that the background does not interfere with reading the text, a bonus if you collect more than 90 crystals (per crystal), the conservation of remaining lives when a level is completely cleared, the display of the ad at the top of the screen to prevent people from clicking on it by mistake (it's not really in my interest but well...). The first in the ranking scored 763,955, so don't hesitate to dethrone him. See you soon!
  3. IPnose

    Crystal Mine

    Crystal Mine is a relaxing game, without any headache, whose goal is to collect a minimum of 80 crystals in less than 8 strokes. By touching an unenclaved crystal (you will recognize it, it shines), you collect all adjacent crystals of the same color, and all other unenclaved crystals of the same color. Bonuses will be there to support you but will become increasingly rare as you progress through the levels. Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pamperedbytes.crystalmine Good luck!
  4. IPnose

    Crystal Mine

    Hi all, I'm here to present you my very first Android game, Crystal Mine. The principle is very simple, by touching a crystal not enclaved by other crystals, all adjacent crystals of the same color will disappear, the other crystals of the same color (and not enclaved) will also disappear. The goal is to remove a minimum of 80 crystals in less than 8 strokes. I don't know if it's really clear to read like that, but it's much more intuitive when confronted with the gameplay. The link on the store: Crystal Mine on Google Play A big thanks to all those who will take the time to test it and give me a little feedback. See you later!
  5. IPnose

    Crystal Mine

    Album for Crystal Mine
  6. IPnose

    Breakout Ultimate

    Album for Breakout Ultimate
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