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  1. Hey thanx for feedback  . So in your gamedev. career what engine are you using? is it unity which is the most wanted atm? Im sure this are devolpers pref. but what are your pref?
  2. hehe, sounds easy enough, sure Im gonna hit some obsticles at my way but :P
  3. Hey Guys! Im an 23 year old developer, educated from an University in Norway. Where we learned C/c++, java and small basics in Opengl. We have learned the languages as they are, without much 3d programming. But where do I go from here? I want to test just how I can use this knowledge, with some 2d/3d language to test how the prosess to make an game really is. So where do I go?, Learn me the 2d/3d language, or? Do you guys have any things which would me? -Akvisvik