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  1. Bogdanas

    Article Updates.. And Search Can Be Challenging

    Check out it's another prediction platform.
  2. Bogdanas

    Repairing a PlayStation controller to USB adaptor

    Nice read, I have the same adapter, but my PSOne joystikcs are working fine in analog mode, through D3 is missing
  3. Bogdanas

    The SpaceGame in 3d!

    Pretty neat, but is OpenTK still alive? Latest Nightly build is more than a year old... I tried to download Your games installer, however chrome showed that it is malicious.
  4. Bogdanas

    Beginner game programming: Flash vs Engine

    You can use Flash or even GameMaker for side scroller, internet is full of tutorials how to create simple platformers . What platform are you targeting to "release" Your game? If You are creating it just for fun, You could even use some HTML5 engine (programming javascript)
  5. I never tried cocos2d-x but it looks really nice. I'll defiantly try it later, for now my choices are: HTML 5: Gamvas Android/iPad: libGDX Desktop: Allegro, SFML or DirectX ToolKit   You could look into MonoGame, it looks nice too.
  6. Bogdanas

    Odd issue when rendering

    So what is the issue? In: int x = i % m_bufferWidth; int y = i / m_bufferWidth; int halfWidth = m_bufferWidth / 2; int halfHeight = m_bufferHeight / 2;   Shouldn't it be: int y = i / m_bufferHeight;     And why are you using prehistorical OpenGL? Or are you stuck with good-for-nothing video card (like I am)?
  7. Nice read, recommend watching:
  8. Yes,  just upgrade to Visual Studio 2012 And read more:
  9. You can paint anything on tiles, it is like different layer. JavaScript is pretty good for such a game, and works on browsers and tablets. You can take any JS canvas engine: Or any from the list:   Or You could learn Java or C++, however JavaScript is fastest way to learn game programming IMHO.
  10. From top of my head: Plain OpenGL Plain DirectX (Windows Only) DirectX ToolKit (Windows Only) SFML Allegro 5 SDL I would recommend Allegro 5
  11. As far as I know Visual Studio 2008 cant' create windows 8 Metro apps (You are talking about metro)   What are really useful new Win8 features? Well, tablets can't run standard Win32 applications so that's new :). Metro is like whole new OS. You didn't specify what programming language You will use so not much help about gestures. You .can use C++/C#/JavaScript/VB for creating Metro apps.   Metro is that new windows tiled look.
  12. Bogdanas

    2D C++ Framework for Mobile and PC (free, open source)

    Is it just me or there is no documentation on site?
  13.   Yup these two are the best resources to start, and I could add two: Another good tutorial set for libGDX  How to handle multiple screen sizes
  14. Bogdanas

    The Road so Far

    Added screenshots to describe Easy / Normal / Hard game modes. Comments and Suggestions are welcome :)
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