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    Trying to determine a learning timeline.

    Not sure I know what you mean by "Also I would recommend understanding what the heck class is in python before you move on to C#." If you meant what class/course it was just a an intro. to programming course.
  2. So here's how it is. I currently have a basic understanding of Python, and some Q-Basic. This Fall I will be taking an Intro. course to C# so I tried to learn Unity with C#, but the tutorial is fairly dated, and a lot of the code seems to broken. With my degree Ic hose C#, and C++. The problem is I'd like my learning in college to coincide with the tutorials that I can find. I'm just so overwhelmed, and lost. Basically given my situation (learning C# this fall), and later on C++. Should I be trying to learn a language with a focus on C#, or does it even matter? There isn't really a clear guide on all of this, and it is very confusing to me.
  3. Scootaloo

    About Engines

    Note: this is coming from someone who has no prior programming experience.   If I were to start learning C++ how would I actually begin to venture into making a real game? would I have to use an engine or how does the programming language correlate?
  4. Does it have to be a website?   Maybe you could get them QBasic and have them work with it. I know how to use it (it is extremely simple) and it helps me understand code to an extent.
  5. Scootaloo

    Where should I start?

    I'm just another indecisive person looking to get into programming however I am not really sure what programming language I should start with. I've been told either Java or C++ however people have told me C++ is too hard for a beginner, but I am not sure what to think.
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