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  1. If we do use letterboxes,for the 4:3 screens, is the 10000x10000 coordinate system needed?   Also, because the resolution depends on the tiles used in-game (25x15 = 1600x960 modified to 1706x960 for a proper 16:9), can we really use such a big resolution? 
  2. Hello guys! First of all, this game is based on the game "Tibia", a 2D MMORPG. Many open servers exist and they use the same client of the game. They basically change the map, add new monsters/spells, etc.   What we want to do, is make a new client. (and of course new content...)   This is what the current client looks like : http://i.imgur.com/jjrnyNt.jpg   As you can see, only the playable area is stretched, the menus/windows stay exactly the same.   This is what we want to do :   Instead of a 4:3 resolution with 32x32 sprites, we want to make a 16:9 resolution with 64x64 sprites. Instead of 15x11 tiles, we want to make it 25x15 tiles with no borders, only hovering menus/windows. The playable area will be 19x11 tiles. This is what it looks like at 720p http://i.imgur.com/rXuHRaI.jpg (just a test I did on paint)   Our question is : Is it doable? Ours menus/windows can't reach the playable area (because of the gameplay) and we don't want them stretched. Will they cause problems?   Our GUI needs to run with pretty much every sized monitors. Will smaller monitors and old school 4:3 monitors have problems?   Thanks for your help!