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  1. Questions on Designing Games

    Well, the game is quite story-driven, but there are secondary goals or quests. Also, the levels are free-realm 3d areas, so you can fool around if you want to.
  2. Ok, a couple of my friends (we are students) and I came up with an idea for a videogame. We have the necessary software and skills to develop it, but we would need cutscenes for this game and none of us know how to do that. So, for making cutscenes, should we approach another company? And at what point in designing it should we approach said company? Should we wait until we're done and only need cutscenes developed? By the way, please forgive my ignorance. I haven't exactly had much experience in this.   Also, we had a problem with the design which we simply couldn't decide on our selves, so we decided to ask online. We plan for this game to be an RPG, with singleplayer story, singleplayer freeplay, survival, and multiplayer survival modes. We have agreed that for survival/multiplayer that you should be able to make your own character, but we cannot decide if the main character in story and freeplay should be designed by the character or set to a specific person.  So, in short, should the main character have a specific name and looks or should you be able to customize that before starting?