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    A nudge in the right direction.

    I like the looks of Cython. Thanks for that link too. However after I wrote that last post I thought that whilst I want to try and maintain my one man team thoughout this extended project, I doubt I'll have the time nor the skill to create a complex 3D environment.
  2. OneTek

    A nudge in the right direction.

    Perfect, that's exactly what I wanted to know.   So in the future I have the ambition to make an open world survival style game.   However, you said that you can solve the performance issue for complex 3D games by dropping to a lower level language. What exactly do you mean by that? What languages would be appropriate?
  3. OneTek

    A nudge in the right direction.

    Python is by far able to handle 3D, it's been used in part in many different 3D games that I own, and frankly, they are quite good.   EDIT: Yeah, just read somewhere else that it can handle it, but it's just slow when it gets to pixel shaders and such.
  4. OneTek

    A nudge in the right direction.

    We'll thank you for the reply. But what about when I want to move onto 3D games. Are there many modeling programs that will work well with python?
  5. I've been keenly interesting in computers and gaming from a very early age, and now that I'm older I see potential in myself to perhaps make a game of my own. Main reason for doing so is that most games already out there don't fill a certain neich I'm looking for.   That aside, I'm wondering if using Python along side Blender would set me up with the right tools to create a 3D game. Keep in mind this is NOT what I intend to do straight away. My intentions are to get my feet wet with what ever language I chose to learn, and slowly move my way to making a clone of some relatively basic 2D game.   After that I'm not real sure of as of yet, but that's not the point.     So would I be making a smart move going for Python over other languages such as C++, Java or anything else similiar?
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