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  1. More Games as cross-promotion tool

    Important update - we're working on adding function that allows game devs to promote not only their games, but others' as well.
  2. More Games as cross-promotion tool

    Hello everyone,   I wanted to buzz about launching free mobile games cross-promotion platform. The whole thing is revolving around the “more games” button - not all game developers are spending time on making it and using to cross-promote their games. Well, we at More Games decided to make a free to use platform for those who want to use an extra tool for increasing their installs. Right now, our folks have implemented following functions: -Fully-customizable game descriptions. Game devs can: edit game descriptions, change icons, add screenshots, and even upload game video trailers; -Effortless SDK.Takes less than 5 minutes to get all set. -Company news. You can post latest news, games’ tips & tricks, promotion offers – anything you want your audience to know. We’re working on finishing up statistics, adding more skins for this button, expanding functional options and we invite everyone to try it.   Stop by at     Feedback is much appreciated!
  3. Poll: Voice your thoughts!

      Thanks for the answering Khathar. The thing is - this platform that we're making is for game promotion. That means that we don't have control over the game itself, and if the owner will decide to put up some interstitial it will be his choice.   Here however, we want to make sure that our plugin will be ads-free  
  4. Poll: Voice your thoughts!

    Hello, Me and my friends are working on the new mobile application for mobile game advertising - it will allow direct cross-promotion of own games. And we have a dilemma - how we should prioritize following features?   Guess there is no better place to ask for opinion than 1. Free: Self-explanatory - application is free-to-use. 2. Organic (ads free): There are no interstitials or banner advertising in it. 3. Awesome-looking: User can put on different design skins 4. Fully-customizable User can change every single element in order to make this application fit the game's design. 5. Easy-to-embed Easy to install SDK. 6. Built-in statistics User can track installations, click-through rates, etc. 7. News module User can notify players about new games coming out, events, promotional offers, etc. Thank you fellows.