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  1. Problem with STL.

    Some of those warnings and errors are easy to fix, because the compiler is telling you exactly what the problem is.  So why not fix them instead of just posting all that stuff if you're only having a problem with one of them?  Yes, of course it's going to look chaotic if you're trying to solve problem 4 without first addressing problems 1 through 3.  This is basic stuff.
  2. How are you going to get the motion tracking data from the tracking device?  Do you already have the device and software that extracts the data from it?
  3.   i do not know how to get the screen shot because the cube is rotating, the color is correct when static   the code is simple, the rotating cube, one color on face, using fvf You're going to have to show us some code or be more specific for us to help you.
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