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  1. I will certainly check out those resources, I've been eyeing that book already as well :) I'm definitely interested in OpenGL and DirectX so tyvm :)
  2. So I am interested in game development, and I just completed my second courses in both C++ and Java.  I'm feeling very much like I know how to create many puzzle pieces, and have many tools at my disposal, but have no clue how to bring that together into a project. I am interested in finding a way to teach myself more, especially with a focus in making games.  I've tried browsing Amazon for a new textbook, but frankly everything seems too easy, or way too advanced.     I guess essentially what I'm seeking is any suggestions for any intermediate sort of online learning/tutorials/books that you guys would suggest?  Anything is much appreciated as I've been struggling with this for awhile already, and both my professors had no advice.     If it helps gauge where I am, my final project we just turned in for java was as follows: 1) rock paper scissors game 2) lottery game, user picks 6 #'s 1-30, compare with random generated 3) grid of 30 buttons, one of them has X, click on the X all done with simple GUI's created with swing components   Thank you again, anyone with advice, or even just for reading :)