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    There are 0 modding forums for this game?

    @ TheChubu Against King? Oh he is a tough mofo I can tell you that. However, did you have max everything aka the best parts for every part of your car? I had that and it still took me ~14 tries due to the amount of power making my car want to go off track. I beat him with a time of 8.76, and him 8.79! Dang.
  2. Mr. Man

    There are 0 modding forums for this game?

    @ Rld_ Exactly.   @jbadams Hmm, I could try and see if I can open such a web page, might be useful to attracting at least a dozen people or so, thanks, will try so and see what happens.
  3. Mr. Man

    There are 0 modding forums for this game?

    @ Rld_ Well yeah, it wasn't the biggest seller according to my knowledge. However there is another game (that I am also currently modding myself) called Empire Earth which is also exactly 10 years old, however was a major success back then, and even now, and has a modding community. Hmm, I wonder what the difference is. Maybe because Empire Earth is big and very complex made, and this game here is just basic and cheaply made (from what I know of it), thanks anyways though.   @ Eck Well there is one page of game credits, like 30 people total haha. I will see if I can contact them, that is a VERY awesome suggestion, in my years of looking for a modding community I haven't thought of that! Thanks a bunch for the suggestion man! No, I have no mods downloaded. The only "official" mods are creating your own decals, but that is obviously not what I want. I have however changed the main part of the game i.e., there are 50 racers total and I changed all their stats and stuffs completely. I will check out that Facebook one as well. Thanks for the help, you did help quite a bit, suggesting to contact the people in the credits for example! I can't thank you enough if this works! :)
  4. What I mean is, no matter what I search or how long I search, there seems to be no such thing as a modding community for one of my games. Seriously, I know the game is very basic and cheaply made, but come on, it's as if nobody knows how to/is even interested in modding the game to make it more complex or better! What I am saying is, do any of you know where I could find a modding forum for Hot Rod American Street Drag? It's a 2003 game from Valusoft, Valusoft was bought over also.   I am literally modding this game blindly, however I would like a modding forum specifically for this game because some game values are unchangeable because they literally don't exist in any single file at all (the game's only ~400MB big so not THAT many files). Any of you know of a website or have a link or suggestion? Odds are most if not all of you never even heard of the game I would think :/ There is only one type of modding that was given by the developers of the game, a guide of sorts, but no need to explain and go off topic. I do not prefer to bother you guys for questions or help as (I think) that is not what you are here for, at least in terms of modding games like this.   Knowing my luck this is in the wrong section as well...   Either way, any help or responses appreciated, as always! :)
  5. I hope this is not in the wrong forum type/section here as I am new and still getting used to this site...   You see, there are unit and building model files in a game called Empire Earth 1. They are all in .cem format, and NO other games except Children of the Nile use these. Stainless Steel Studios (SSSI) have created these with their "special" tools used when they developed the game. Later an expansion pack came out which was created by Mad Doc Inc., with new buildings and units. Now I know what you're thinking "Just get in contact with SSSI or Mad Doc and talk with them! I am pretty sure you can get the tools from them one way or another!" Well no. Sierra is the publisher of the game and is defunct. SSSI is also defunct. Mad Doc Inc. was bought by Rockstar and rebranded to Rockstar New England. Basically, we have been wanting these tools since (I believe) 2003. To this day nothing. 10 years later. The three companies mentioned never released anything before disappearing, and since these extensions are used by only TWO games in the entire videogame world to this day, there is nothing in the internet either...   We, as in me and the forums I come from, have been on the search for these tools without even coming remotely close to anything! We are willing to pay cash for anybody who could help us...   Our preference is Stainless Steel Studios' .cem to .3ds converter, but if not obtainable that is no end of the world. The .cem files that come with the game are encrypted, and apparently are "different" from the ones from Children of the Nile, although how is obviously unknown at this point. Apparently .cem files are converted from .3ds to begin with?   On a different note, the company "Rebellion" now holds all rights to the Empire Earth franchise, they bought the rights for who knows what reason a few years back. We have talked with them, but no releasing the source code, no releasing the "special" tools from SSSI, no nothing.   Well, I am not the smartest man, I am merely just a helper or something, on the search for a .cem converter, opener, modifier, etc. since 2011, is all. A way to get access to Empire Earth's source code would also be nice, but that is obviously off topic here. If anybody requires more info, check this out: http://ee.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=3,38033,,5 Again, I hope I am not doing something bad by asking this here...
  6. Hey guys, I am very new here, registered about 10 min. ago, and was simply wondering one thing really. Tell me, game development, is this only a forum for game developments, or for modding actual games already made, if not made by you? If you guys do not support modding or anything, may somebody point me to a different site?   This site has a huge amount of various forums on here and for me, it is a bit confusing as to which I could post this question in, and or if modding is even supported, do forgive me if I oversaw something right in front of my eyes!
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