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  1. What software did you use for the art? And game engine?
  2. Spikes1471

    Fundamental 2D Game Programming with Java

    Sell it on digital.
  3. Spikes1471

    Feedback Request

    What engine?
  4. Spikes1471

    How to write Narrative through gameplay?

    What method do you use to write this.
  5. I am sorry if some don't understand what i'm try to say.   I was wondering how can you write a story (for a game) that pretty much going to be told over the gameplay (Like playing the while the Narrator talks at parts). If you every played the game "Trine" or "Dust: Elysian Tail" (although it more Trine was the insperation for me), that what i am talking about.    
  6. I'm a beginner. I was wondering if I can develop a 2D Game Engine with Java (or even HTML5 for web games?) I know SOME C++.
  7. Spikes1471

    Fundamental 2D Game Programming with Java

    Why is it overpriced?
  8. So I am in the production process of making my game. I was thinking of a 2D Game Engine. Can it be done with JavaScript, HTML5? I want it to look like this: http://cdn4.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/26800/0000007899.1920x1080.jpg?t=1383936315 (if link doesn't work, it's the game 'Braid'). Will it be complex (to make it look like that?)
  9. So does Unity let you code with Java? I want to TRY to make a game with Java. Is it possible? (In Unity)   EDIT: Also what engine should i use to make HTML5 Games?
  10. So I have a game in development. It's a side-scroller action platform (kinda like Trine). It more of a side scrolling shooter with [Max: The Curse of Brotherhood] mechanics. I'm not ready to show pics or so. I want some ideas to add. Thanks!
  11. So I making Side-Scroller game. I need advice on pricing. How much? $1 any good for a IOS (possibly even AD)?
  12. https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/876/919/a1d0e45fc7a68f4c962f2ebcd7a2210c_large.jpg?1377909641 Thanks.
  13. So I am developing a small 2D side-scroller game (like Dust: Elysian Tale).i need some suggestions? 1. Will people play games with voices (actors)? I mean since I am a ONE man (teen I guess as I am 16) Dev team? I will add text for characters. 2. Suggestions for type of game modes? (Have a couple, want to hear more from ppl). 3. Is Greenlight (steam) hard to get into? I will probably publish on XBL (ID@Xbox). Thanks!
  14. Will be released on other platforms?
  15. Spikes1471

    Chaoscraft - 2D Sidescrolling Skilling ORPG

    Love it? Steam release?
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