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  1. Thank you. That helped me understand what I was doing with my test program. I have one question: How do players modify precompiled games using scripts?
  2. I apologize for my sloppy writing and wording of my question.   Thanks for replying.   Now, to embed Python applications and have them run on the host computer, without annoying the user who doesn't want to install a Python interpreter to run your hybrid program, those embedding programs actually clandestinely install a Python interpreter, correct? If so, could the user script parts of the program without having to "manually" install a Python interpreter. I know that is illogical. What I mean is, is it possible for the user to write scripts for the program after it has been compiled with one of those two programs you mentioned? I just want to expand my horizons a little bit. I know I sound a little loopy.   Thanks, Lee
  3. Note: I meant to type, "Can you edit the python program without manually installing a python interpreter?"   Hello,   I have been a member several times for many years, but have lost my account info. I greatly appreciate the help I get on these forums.   I love Linux, and have a Windows 7 PC, but use VirtualBox to run Linux, using Ubuntu in particular, because I simply like the Operating system that much.   Anyway, I was wondering if py2exe actually compiled a python interpreter within an exe, if this is the case, which seems only logical, otherwise how would the program run?    My question is, since the program is compiled, is the Python code somehow turned into machine code, so that any tweaking or editing of Python source code is impossible? In short, can the program, once compiled and run on Windows, ever be modified with other Python code?   Thanks!   Claude