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  1. I think the team of equals option might work better. Just a hunch. Lol.   Well essentially, this project I'm talking about is a fantasy simulation/sandbox game in the vein of spore where the player creates a race and levels them up from an individual to a ruler of a realm. That's the jest of it, but starting off it would be working towards building an engine from scratch that would support the gameplay, so the artwork would be more of something to bring into play once the engine was in the works.   So what is the best way to make friends with programmers? I'm getting prepped to head to SCAD for a BFA in Sequential Art, but that's not gonna be till next spring/fall, so I'd like to go ahead and find someway to get my boots wet.
  2. Hi guys!   So, my really simple question (I supposed you could call it simple) is whether it should be reasonable for someone with art/writing skills to be able to start their own project. I took my stabs at programming, and I just didn't really jive with it. I can design levels and such, but my strongsuit is in 2d art/Conceptual art, and writing. So would it be reasonable to try and start a project if I have an idea(s)? It would be a slow coming project, but it would just be something to work on in spare time while I work on school/art, unless of course it starts taking off. So, there's my question.