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  1.   First, thanks for taking the time for such an informative reply   The impression I get at the moment is people who work in the games industry must have a true passion for making games, which I worry isn't really there for me. I do like making games, it's great fun, but professionally, for considerably less pay than other programming jobs makes me think twice. And I'm not willing to submit my life to games programming like some people (employers @ bloomberg, blizzard) seem to. I want to have 'a life' (for lack of a better phrase ). I think I may just stick to being a hobbyist games programmer for now and drop the expectation of doing it professionally any time in the foreseeable future.
  2. I am wondering which career path to choose, I'd preferably like a job which will involve lots of math & developing algorithms, game programming certainly has that, but I am worried about job hours and being taken advantage of, worried that companies may see me as a typical graduate fresh in the industry and will make me work 10 hours a day for much lower pay than other programming jobs, as I hear happens a lot in America, but I really have no idea what it's like here in the UK. Is it much different here? I am motivated and am willing to work hard, but not like that. Also any info on the approximate salary of game programmers compared to other programmers would be helpful.    P.S. I've read lots of articles comparing software programming vs. game programming but it's always America or some other country. But the UK has different laws & regulations, i.e I can't imagine making a graduate work 12 hours a day with unpaid overtime would even be legal here.
  3. Thanks for reply, it's looking quite an attractive option now. :)
  4. It's unlikely any modules involving complex analysis and number theory will go ahead due to lack of people signing up for them. They haven't ran for the last 3 years in a row. :/ People would rather go down the easy route with statistics. 
  5. Ah, I'm doing topology next year too :D I like it when it's difficult. Generally, difficult courses are a case of, understand it - then it'll be a breeze. Don't understand it, then you'll have many lumps on your forehead by the end of the module.
  6. There's an option on my university course to study Graph theory next year, I am wondering how widely it is used in game programming and is it useful?     Thanks in advance for any replies! 
  7. Thanks for replies, I'm not sure about studying it in depth now. Even if fuzzy logic is slightly better, it'll take much longer to implement.
  8.   http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/polymorphism/
  9. I only started learning OOP about a month ago. There's an option to model a system using UML and constraint diagrams next year at my university and am wondering if this will help me with OOP? I have read many opinions about the usefulness of UML in game-programming and it seems to be very hit and miss with people. But generally I understand that it's not useful in designing games, but is useful in communicating idea's with other programmers.   But that aside, do you think learning system modelling with UML will actually help to refine my concept and skills of OOP?  (even though there's no actual programming involved in this module)
  10. I've read a bit about fuzzy logic in the past few days and it's pretty darn hard to get your head around but i'm getting the hang of it now. And I'm already from a heavy math background at that. But I read an article earlier (here) which uses methods that has similar functionality to fuzzy logic, but seems a lot easier. Is there anything that fuzzy logic can handle which other methods cannot? I am wondering if it's worth studying it in depth (because there's an option to study it for my final year at university) or whether it's redundant in the game programming world, or is it simply criticized because it's hard for people to get their head around it compared to other similar methods out there?
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