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  1. Folks, I tried to google Vulcan and sdl2 but they did not help so well. I only found stand-alone or GLFW tutorials. Does anyone have good tutorial about Vulkan with SDL2? Thanks
  2. I recently learned about voxel (volumetric) terrain mapping. That is very new technique to me. I have a few questions. Is that possible to generate voxel terrain on earth-sized planet? That can render caves, mines, arches, etc... That could be Avatar-like planet with floating air islands above. That information is in GPU Gems 3 book. That is available on NVIDIA website. Look at that link. https://developer.nvidia.com/gpugems/GPUGems3/gpugems3_ch01.html
  3. Try voxel terrain because it can form caves, mines, arches, etc. on landscape.
  4. Sword7

    HDR programming

    Ok, I got it. I googled it and learned that on NVIDIA website. NVIDIA said that all 900 and 1000 series GPU card support HDR (deep color) output for HDR displays. It mentioned about HDMI 2.0. Does it support DP port for HDR output? Some day I will buy new HDR monitor and try it. Thanks. I forget to tell something about OS and HDR support. Windows 10 support HDR at full screen at this time and Microsoft plans to add HDR support for OS system soon. Do Linux and Mac support HDR output? Also I have Ubuntu 18.04. I heard that MesaGL added 10bpc for HDR support.
  5. Sword7

    HDR programming

    Ok, I got it. Thanks for information. But that old HDR implementation still mention LDR output (cause color-banding). I reviewed pictures on that and noticed some color-banding. How about HDR10 and Dolby Vision (10/12-bit color output) that UHD standard requires? There are new HDR10 monitors on market now. That gives wider color spectrum that eliminates color-banding.
  6. Thanks for providing some information that I was looking for long time. I am working on my own space simulator. I use spherical terrain mapping for generating planet and landing on that surface at street-level LOD level. I already have url address for vterrain website. Check https://proland.inrialpes.fr/ for more information about planet-sized terrain. For atmosphere, ocean, etc, check http://www-evasion.imag.fr/people/Eric.Bruneton/ Tim
  7. I got a book called "High Dynamic Range Imaging" (published by Elsevier) and read some pages. I learned that HDR requires deep color depth (10/12-bit color depth). I heard that many vendors and independent developers implemented HDR features into their games and applications because UHD standard requires deep color depth (HDR) to eliminate noticeable color-banding. I had seen color banding on SDR displays and want to get rid of it. I googled HDR for OpenGL but learned that they require Quadro or FireGL cards to support that. How do they get HDR working on consumer video cards? That's why I want HDR implementation for my OpenGL programs. Tim
  8. Ok, how about perspective project matrix? I prefer projection matrix for glLoadMatrix and GLSL.
  9. I tried to port DirectX program to OpenGL version. My planets were inverted horizontally (opposite rotation Y axis). Z-coordinate was inverted too. I figured them out for some months. I finally recognized that there are two different coordinate systems - left-handed and right-handed. DirectX uses left-handed coordinate but OpenGL uses right-handed coordinate as default. I googled it and learned a lot. I prefer left-handed coordinate system for easy programming instead. Also I tried google projection matrix formula for left-handed coordinate but did not find any sources. Does anyone know any matrix formula for left-handed coordinate system? Does anyone know any good guides for DirectX to OpenGL conversion for porting? Tim
  10. Sword7

    Culling cone frustum

    I mean for cone-sphere culling. When it is inside or intersection of cone frustum, raise flag. I recently searched about cone-sphere and now found a few sources about "Cull the cone" article about box, sphere, and plane. I now got it. Thanks for that reply.
  11. Sword7

    Culling cone frustum

    Does anyone know any algorithms about culling cone frustum? I was searching through google but can't find any source. I only know about culling rectangle frustum (5-6 planes for view normal). Thanks, Tim
  12. Folks,   Does anyone know any HUD algorithms like pitch ladder, compass tape, direction, velocity vector, etc for writing flight simulators? I was looking for them through google and books but did not found information so much. That's why I am looking for OpenGL-based HUD drawing routines for glass HUD display and MFD window.   Thanks, Tim Stark  
  13. Folks, I am figuring formula for split decision by using varying FOV. I read some books about terrain 3D engine and some papers but they did not mention any formula for split decision. One of books mentioned simple formula by using metric errors and system errors but did not mention more information about error determination. Does anyone know any source about clearly explanation about formula for split decision by using metric errors and varying FOV? I am trying to develop procedural planet routines for orbiter simulation. Thanks!
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