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  1. Thank you for the answers :D. In all honesty I lean towards the part that I wish to be a programmer. I truly enjoyed programming in high school and would like to learn some language that would help me in game development. I have a small project (a few maps) already made in VX (it's not complete, but it's there) and in GM:Studio I have a few sprite holders and a simple blocking mechanic. Also I read (and have coded) half of the book that I bought about Android game dev. So I fiddled with everything and still I'm not sure on what to focus. I got GM:Studio just so that I can create a simpler game then a RPG.   I would like to make a simple game that people would enjoy playing. If I can make some money from selling it, GREAT. If not, no worries, at least people are playing it.
  2. As the title says. I have the retail version of RPG Maker VX Ace and GameMaker: Studio. I also have the book Android Game Programming for Dummies. I seriously don't know what to focus on. Most likely people will tell me to complete the book and program in Java (I also like that idea) but would like to hear if anyone has some other information on how to fluidly enter game dev. And of course, the easier way. I'm working 3 shifts at work and I already managed my schedule so I can learn something from the above three.   Thank you in advance