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  1. JungleFriendStudios

    Skype Group Interest

    Hey All,   I'm looking to create a large skype group of people in the gaming industry who are looking to network and talk business! There's not enough networking done outside of the conferences and I'd like that to change.   Message me with your skype if you'd like to discuss our awesome industry!   Max B. Game Enthusiast/CEO Jungle Friend Studios
  2. JungleFriendStudios

    When does the failure end?

    Keep building your portfolio constantly. If you are serious about getting your foot in the door, you should be cold contacting companies with work you enjoy. Offer to do work on spec: meaning - they pay you if they use it. Consider it an audition where you have a chance to showcase your skills to people who otherwise wouldn't have listened.
  3. JungleFriendStudios

    Any game like this?

    This is an interesting idea. I played a fantasy version with no graphics for the NFL which was a blast! I hope you pursue this project.
  4. Interesting read. I believe that any developer worth 1,000,000$/year would be smart enough to run his own studio :)
  5. JungleFriendStudios

    Where to publish my first 2D Game!?!?!?

    The answer like stated before - is to enter as many possible publishing networks. Increase your odds of getting featured somewhere and getting some traction that you can use to focus your efforts. Even if your game is only #1 in Lithuania, that's still an accomplishment under your belt which can be used in future titles.
  6. JungleFriendStudios

    game studio's legal business structure?

    LLC is a decent choice for a smaller company or start up without a lot of owners (or only 1 owner). Just my experiences.    Max
  7. JungleFriendStudios

    How to get cheap legal help?

    If you are in the US, then LegalZoom.com has a free trial for their free services that you can make unlimited 30 minute appointments with decent lawyers who should suffice for basic legal questions.   Hope this helps!,   Max Jungle Friend Studios http://www.junglefriendstudios.com
  8. JungleFriendStudios

    I have been fired :(

    Keep your head up and try to learn from the experience. You'll be better off in the end.   Jungle Friend Max
  9. JungleFriendStudios

    The job of a Producer

    Congratulations on the promotion Woland!   Producer I'd say is the same thing as a project manager - A game essentially is just a large ongoing project. Producers may/may not be involved in the marketing of the project or just on the production side of things.
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