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    [D3D12] Overlapping descriptor heaps bug

    For staging descriptors CPU-side, I wanted to make it really easy to create and destroy descriptors. I have a class that internally has a list of descriptor heaps, which in turn have a list of free indices. - When a descriptor is created, the class claims a free slot in any of its internal heaps. If all heaps are full, a new one is automatically created. - When a descriptor is destroyed, the class determines the heap and index of the descriptor and marks the corresponding slot as free again.
  2. TomVeltmeijer

    [D3D12] Overlapping descriptor heaps bug

    To find out if a descriptor belongs to a certain heap, I check the following condition: ptr >= base && ptr < base + n * increment What you're saying is that I should add the following constraint: && isMultipleOf(ptr - base, increment) This would allow for interleaved descriptor heaps, which is what I'm seeing here.   The documentation doesn't say that heaps can be interleaved but it also doesn't say that they can't be, so I suppose my mistake was making an assumption.  :)   Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi everyone,   I get unexpected results when I call GetCPUDescriptorHandleForHeapStart() on certain descriptor heaps. The returned handle's ptr value is always 3 for the first heap that I create, 4 for the second heap, 5 for the next one, and so on. The size of a descriptor heap is obviously not just 1 byte, so this means that there's a lot of overlap between heaps. It was my understanding that this shouldn't be possible because descriptor handles should reference globally unique addresses (how else would functions like CopyDescriptors() work?).   This only happens with CBV_SRV_UAV and SAMPLER descriptor heaps, regardless of their shader visibility. Other types of descriptor heaps start at much larger addresses (e.g., 2029815602608) and their ranges don't overlap, which is what I would expect.   I don't experience this problem when I use WARP and/or enable the debug layer.   My system has a GTX 970 with driver version 365.10 installed. I tried a few older versions as well, but the results were the same.   Is this a driver bug or am I missing something here?
  4. TomVeltmeijer

    The One: A Singleton Discussion

  5. TomVeltmeijer

    Conjuring a Compelling World

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