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  1. Improve on Java or preapre for C++?

    Thank you for the advice I had bad thoughts about doing both because It might overwhelm me and might slow the leraning progress of both. But since you put it in that way,maybe studying both will be more fun!   What do you mean by "performance" exactly?
  2. Improve on Java or preapre for C++?

    I'll cut to the chase. It's our summer vacation and in 2 months are school will start and one of the subject is C++,which I am eager to learn.And recently I finished a 10 day Summer Program that teaches Java. The main problem is should I develop my skills on Java or start studying C++.  I already have experience about programming,I learned HTML,CSS,Javascipt and I recently made a game (Pong) with Actionscipt(I didn't really focused on Actionscipt but more on games). Another problem is that I want to start studying game development so I don't know which program,Java or C++,  will be suitable for me.And I know it will take several years to make a good game but I will commit myself to study programming. I really want to make a good decision here guys.and Thanks in advance!