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    Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

    @frob- Thanks for the insight.  I thought it was because I instant messaged him one time, and he went all sorts of bananas on me.  And if that's the case, uh...sorry?  Thank you though for clearing that up.
  2. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

    @Tom- Did I do something to offend you?  Ever since I joined, to me (and maybe you don't intend to be this way)  but you come off mean.  Maybe it's something that I did that was wrong, but I'd like to know.     To the rest-  That's fine, I don't mind making my own games.  It's not like I can't come up with ideas in a snap, anyone who knows me will tell you, I can think of an entire story within 5 seconds-2 minutes.  I actually have this other game in mind based on a story I once wrote but never completed, and yes it was original.  Characters from other genres, games, etc... were never used.  So, I don't mind.  Plus, putting up anything legally against Nintendo is pretty much a 99% automatic fail, because Nintendo is big and the name itself sells, so to go up against a corporate giant is ridiculous.
  3. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

    I'm sorry for beating the crap out of this thread, but, I got the e-mail back.  Most of it was nothing new, but there was something in the e-mail I don't understand, and maybe you all can clear this up for me.  Here's the e-mail:     Hello Jake,   Thanks for writing in.  I can tell you spent a lot of time and thought on your idea, and it's flattering to hear you wish to use our Intellectual Properties in your game.  To us, your request represents a great sign of success and recognition of the Nintendo brand.   We are grateful for all the requests we receive for permission to use Nintendo properties; however, we receive thousands of requests and do not have adequate staffing to review them all.  Therefore, our general policy is to decline all such requests, no exceptions.  I realize this isn’t what you wanted to hear and thank you for understanding.     Although we are unable to grant permission, use of Nintendo properties without our formal permission may still be allowed depending on the circumstances.  You are encouraged to seek your own legal counsel if you have any questions about whether your particular proposed use is permitted without Nintendo's authorization.  This is not a comment on whether we believe your particular proposed use is permissible—Nintendo cannot provide legal advice.     Sincerely,   Curtis Neal Nintendo of America Inc.   Have you heard about our new home console? Learn more at http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu/what-is-wiiu/.   Follow us:               Nintendo's home page: http://www.nintendo.com/     Now, like I've said, I've written to companies before asking permission to use their characters and what-not, and it was pretty much a solid no.  However, what confuses me is this statement:  "Although we are unable to grant permission, use of Nintendo properties without our formal permission may still be allowed depending on the circumstances." What does that mean?  Does that mean, even though I can't use explicity characters and stuff from Nintendo, that it is ok however to use concepts from the games?  What does it mean?
  4. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

    ^Lol, what you said.
  5. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Question from a noob!

    @Servant - What would you suggest regarding the "hiearchial structure of coding?"  In other words, from what you said Python, and then what after that?  And then, what after the language after Python?  Just curious.
  6. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Scared that Nintendo will say that one word: "NO!" (need input)

    Also, please know I have great respect for the gaming community and the laws surrounding it and for video game companies, and if Nintendo says no, then I won't continue on respectfully.   And thank you guys for all of your answers.  Guess my game Paper Mario 2 is out of the question :/ (The actual title of the game was going to be Paper Mario 2: The Star Princess, and is supposed to be somewhat of a sequel to Paper Mario.  Crappage...I just really loved the concept.  Oh well, thanks!)
  7. *If this has already been answered, then can someone direct me to a thread similar to this?  Thank you!"   So, just recently I got ahold of Nintendo's "legality issues" e-mail address (I put legality issues in quotes because, I don't know what else to call it.  Their legal department?  lol, whatevs.)  See, I have this really awesome idea for another Paper Mario game.   The only problem is, in order for me to proceed with this project I would obviously need to have their characters, backgrounds, etc... right?     Now, before anyone says anything, I understand that most game companies, especially the big ones like Nintendo and such are very strict in giving rights to anyone.  I've tried this before, probably 2 or 3 times hoping for a "yes" but would always receive a no.   But this time, I put something in the e-mail I sent, that I didn't normally put before, only because at the time I wasn't completely literate with copyright law.  I put that I would give them due credit, and that I wouldn't make any money off the game.  I said I would just do it out of pure fun and my love for the game.  I also gave them a semi long, but not-too-long background of the game.     Now, I've sent this e-mail to them 2 days ago, and I still haven't gotten a response back.  Now, granted, it's the weekend and seeing how big Nintendo is, I seriously doubt they have people work weekends, but I'm just kind of getting tired of being shot down.  And, something else I put in my e-mail that I really thought long and hard about mentioning (because this is where I have this sneaky suspicion that they're going to say no period) is, this game would also be using characters from Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars.  Well, I want the style of Paper Mario to remain the same as it has throughout the series.  That's why they call it Paper Mario.  However, I asked if it would be ok if I could alter the characters so that they could look the same style as the characters in Paper Mario.  And, I bet that's the dealbreaker, knowing Nintendo.   So, my question is this:  If you were Nintendo, what would you say?  AND, if you were to say no, in the future what would I need to show Nintendo to even get a possible yes?  Would Nintendo want, for example, a Game Design Document?     Help!  Please! -PaperMariolover
  8. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Question from a noob!

    Oh, and Tom, I just wanted to know what in your opinion is what makes up the bulk of a game.  I just threw out suggestions, since I still don't quite know what it is I'm doing yet.
  9. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Question from a noob!

    Thank you everyone, I just wanted to know.  Coding...ugh, it's my worst nightmare.  I'm trying to learn it via youtube, and, it's a killer.  That's alright, I just have to keep telling myself that, in the end, it's going to look fantastic, because it's gonna be years till I've got this down to an "art."
  10. Jacob Groeblinghoff

    Question from a noob!

    So, I have a question.  I'm a beginner game designer, and I really want to make my whole game from scratch by myself.  And, since the game is going to have semi high-end graphics, the game is going to take a while...probably years in the making.  What I wanted to ask, especially to the experts, what in your mind makes up the bulk of a game.  Is it scripting?  Is it dialogue?  Is it graphics?     Thanks -PaperMariolover    
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